Yamaha lets you #findURtrip with the
Philippine-exclusive MIO

Have you ever wandered to a country with a thousand islands? Where natural charm from the depths of its seas, the summit of its mountains, and the vibrant culture of cities complete your trip. That’s what the Philippines is known for; having a beautiful load of destinations waiting for everyone to discover.

What makes the Yamaha Mio #findURtrip uniquely Filipino?

The variety of Filipino tattoo patterns were incorporated in the units’ graphic design focuses on different regions of the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao) where different places represent distinct cultures. The leather-inspired seat color pays homage to our country’s native heritage while the stylized grab bar is in a unique shade that is exclusively for this lineup. The Mio reflectorized graphics are inspired with tribal markings complimented with a gradient hue. All these five features symbolize how Yamaha values the culture within us all; respecting how rich the Philippines is not only in wealth but also in history.

This year, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. introduced the #findURtrip campaign where the MIO motorcycles; Mio Sporty, Mio i125 S, Mio Soul i125 S, Mio Gear S, Mio Gravis, and the new Mio Aerox S embody the designs that are truly Filipino. As #findURtrip brings together a collective of unique personalities, YMPH collaborated with known vloggers and influencers to bring out the spirit of freedom.

Carrying the excitement in explorations, the six personalities find their way back to their first love – a road trip. The model/streamer Christine Samson explores her hometown with the Mio Sporty, reminiscing her childhood memories. Revisiting the Laguna’s delicacy, the actor/vlogger Ronnie Alonte rides his Mio Soul i125 S to get a taste of “puto” Binan.

Every trip will never be completed without your travel buddy, that’s why the former PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) housemates, now turned vloggers Joj and Jai Agpangan had a twinning date in the South with their Mio i125 S. Getting lost in the natures, the most known Filipino influencer Kimpoy Feliciano strolls around the beauty of Rizal with his Mio Aerox S. While David Guison created another relationship goals with his girlfriend Angelique Manto, they had a journey back in time in Intramuros riding the Mio Gravis. Out of all these, the vlogger and basketball coach, Mavrick Bautista, will also create his vlog using the new Mio Gear S showing off the character and extensibility during road trips.

When things get better, ride into the culture of destinations.

Having their interpretation of escape and adventure, these vloggers proves how exciting it is to find your trip in every location. With a variety of interests that defines their character, their very presence, taste, influence, and originality is what turn a location into a destination, anywhere in the Philippines. When everything gets better, find your trip with the Yamaha Mio.

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