Mel Aquino Off Road Motorcycle Driving School

Who We Are

Mel Aquino’s Off Road Training Camp - Motorcycle School Philippines, has come a long way. It was never an easy journey, it took me a lot guts and sacrifices to start all these. A year ago, all was blank; all I have is my desire that pushes me to carry on and to chase my dream. Yamaha, VS1, and Mototek were one of the firsts who answered my call. And everything was history.

Our Team

Mel Aquino

Head Coach

Ian Del Castillo

Assistant Coach

Roderick Hidalgo


Christian "Chico" Garcia

Assistant Coach

Darell Divinagracia

In-house Coach

Benjamin "Benjie" Dolores

Coach | Head Mechanic

Nich Viray

On Call Coach

Roe Bautista

Motocross Coach


A combination of classroom type lecture and actual training on “Basic Off-Road Training and Learn to Ride Program”

The camp aims to:
Train students the basics of Off Road riding and sports
Teach students Basic Riding Course (first time motorcycle riders)
Introduce trail riding through our level 2 program
Instill knowledge on proper caring and maintenance of motorcycle units
Promote proper, safe, and responsible riding and competition
Help improve the skills of riders
Help develop new talents of riders
Create awareness and promote off road (trail riding) in the Philippines as motorcycle sports

Training will be carried out by Mr. Mel Aquino, one of the country’s highly recognized motorcycle riding coach, road racing, moto gymkhana and a motocross rider champion