by Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc.

It’s been a while since Yamaha Club had a ride together. The social limitations are still present at this time but nothing defeats the brotherhood of a lifetime. Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. organized the annual Yamaha Club National Conference online contrary to the traditional physical setting. United on screens, the club members from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao participated in the program which offers a digital way of planning and creating a new story for this year. Despite the situation we’re currently in, the discussion among the club resulted in competitive and compelling ideas. One thing that they cannot wait for is to have a ride together soon. But aside from looking forward to the next adventures, YMPH awarded the clubs who have been with the brand for more than 5 years, acknowledging their loyalty and support. Even though the avenue of having the conference is new to everyone, the night was surrounded by the friendship that goes beyond riding, a friendship that will not be separated by any amount of distance. A hundred attendees represented how excited and passionate the riding community for more years of adventure with Yamaha.

Yamaha Club Attendees:
LUZON - FZ16 Club Philippines, Bulacan Scouts Riders Club, LABO YAMAHA SOCIETY, CAMARINES NORTE, Mio Elite Scooter Club Inc., Mio I 125 Magenta Riders Club, Mio i 125 Riders Club, MIOMATIC PHILIPPINES ELITE GROUP, MIO OWNERS REPUBLIC INC., SNIPER MX PHILIPPINES INC., Tribe of Riders Bulacan Inc. BARANGAY YAMAHA, VEGA FORCE MANTIS RIDERS CLUB, Aerox Club Philippines, Yamaha One PH, Yamaha United, R15 CLUB OF THE PHILIPPINES INC., SZR Philippines, PANGASINAN BIKERS FEDERATION INC, MIO SOUL I NATION INC., VEGA FORCE I OWNERS PHILIPPINES, Team Mio Soul I Ph, NMAX CLUB PHILIPPINES, Inc., Club MXI Ph, Mio Exclusive Club, Team Gray Mio I 125, Yamaha Bulacan Riders, MXI Blue Core Philippines
VISAYAS - All Mio Club Visayas, Club Mio i 125 Cebu, Mio Soul I Nation 115/125 Visayas, Sight Moto Riders Club Inc., TEAM MSI NEGROS INC., Soul I Exclusive Team, SOUTH SCOOTER CLUB, TRIBU DEL MIO DE BOHOL, United Mio Club, UNITED SNIPERS CLUB CEBU, VEGA FORCE RIDERS PACK CEBU, YAMAHA CEBUANA CLUB, Club Sniper MX150i Cebu, Street Monarch Sniper Club, YAMAHA FINO CLUB CEBU, YAMAHA ELITE AUTOMATIC CLUB, Club Mio MXI Cebu
MINDANAO - ALL MIO CLUB MINDANAO, Davao Maxi Scooters Club Inc., Davao Mio Soul I, Mio Soul I GT 125 Davao, MIO DAVAO TOURING CLUB, INC., VEGA FORCE I OWNERS PHILIPPINES Cagayan De Oro, Davao Mio I Inc., Davao Mio i Club, Inc., Mio Touring Club Inc Cagayan De Oro, Davao Sniper Guild