School News Letter


A Year in Review

by Vin Yumul

We are almost at the threshold of 2020, as we eagerly await what’s instore for the impending year, we appraise a year’s worth of accomplishments and enduring partnerships. This is yet a notable year for MAYOTC as the school has augmented reputation through record turnout of both new and returning students keen on going through the schools distinctive program. The pursuit for conveying innovations of the sport is but a natural cue for the schools coaches, Mel Aquino counts as no exemption attending trainings conducted by recognized international riders/coach including Chris Birch, Tim Coleman Trainings held at KRB Offroad Track. Noteworthy is a recent participation with the Highway Patrol Group’s (HPG) crash course where Mel Aquino received a citation for Best Rider Award. The surge of young individuals availing the schools training system has prompted a direct but sociable approach seeing more families bringing their children to MAYOTC as both a bonding experience and a forum for their children in the discipline of motorbike riding and to veer them away from the ill effects of gadgets and social media. Indispensable to the school are the trade sponsors with its flagship partner YAMAHA renewing and firming the partnership further with plans reserved for 2020. SEC Moto Supply distributor of EXUSTAR and Just1 helmets the MAYOTC prescribed helmet and Metzeler Tires, ENEOS Oil, VS1 and MOTOTEK, Artcom Advertising, Imprint Customs and YRS Modifications secures a beneficial position for the school and as trade partner. As the countries premiere off road coach and safety riding advocate, companies bank on the Mel Aquino brand with reprise endorsements truly a unique partnership born of trust and mutual respect.

In hindsight the school reiterates its mission for road safety as envisaged by Coach Mel Aquino. 2019 is a herald for students, corporate and public entities availing of the MAYOTC training as the school noticed a rising trend for first time riders in off road riding. Only recently according to Coach Mel is the Pinoy riding public discovering the nuances and intricacies of riding itself, because as per Coach Mel riding is not that simple and to really enjoy the freedom of riding you have to discover the difference of off road and road riding and that is where MAYOTC reins. More than the thrill and the pleasure the sport lends a subluminal effect, where the students discover previously untapped potentials.

MAYOTC, the coaches and trade partners furthers the school as more than just that, it continues to transform the community. The school commits to taking the motorcycle sports to a whole new level and era that is transformative, liberating and enlightening.

For Coach Mel riding is like being the lead role in a feature film where all the stakes are in your favor, no cars in his movie though as this are his lines:“ Four wheels drive your body, two wheels drive the soul”…