School News Letter


MRSP Staying Power!

by Vin Yumul

It’s branded as an extreme sport and educating yourself is power. We continue despite the threat of this pandemic, Learn It The MRSP Way! Unexpectedly, it's this extreme nature that draws an increasing number of individuals from diverse backgrounds who take on the sport and eventually of one's own accord, promote other people to engage in the sport as well. As for MRSP’s any doubts about keeping the school operational in a state of the pandemic were debunked as the school registered the highest number of enrollees in the last four years of its operation.

"Totally unexpected" we perceive this as more than just a trend. Most bikers and entire families and more mommies and kids are signing up for the school's basic programs and reserving slots for enrichment lessons to advance their skills. With many people seeking alternative diversions to cope up with the pandemic, dirt biking and trail riding occupy a special niche. The restrictions in movement imposed by the pandemic set off a public clamor to seek new destinations and experiences at face value with others as a way to counter the stress brought about by this pandemic. The reinstatement of ECQ does not deter the school from pursuing its plans and goals for its partners and students, in effect they think of this not as a setback but as a training stage for something much bigger post-pandemic, as to when only time and God can tell. Until then the school is steadfast and is committed to the cause that launched the school.

A lasting transformation awaits the stakeholders and partners of Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Offroad Training Camp. We can only anticipate for now. We will reconnect and we will redefine partnership. Our coaches will welcome students as soon as the gates re-open. There will be a resurgence for the school and the sport. Extreme will no longer precede sport as a word. The thrill of riding will fuel change for the rider and the school will be there to witness that first hand. Our business partners relenting in their support took this journey with us since the beginning and we will see this journey through together. We are MRSP, thru grit and dirt, with every turn of the wheel, as long as there is a desire for the freedom of riding, WE are here to stay...TOGETHER, WE will all survive this.

Thank you all for your generous support so we can continue our journey, let us not stop from doing what we love. Let us continue to pray for everyone’s safety. Let us also thank all those who suffered their lives just to protect us. Till we see each other again, in FULL THROTTLE!